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Shushers: Wrong About Movies. Wrong About the World. Stop freaking out when somebody uses a phone in a theater. You’re fighting a losing battle. Why Smokers Still Smoke Hint: it’s genetics. Why I’ll Be a Solo Founder Next Time Start your company alone. Only add the right people.

On Justin Smith, and Old Media Doing New Media Right

Atlantic Media president Justin Smith has announced he’ll be leaving to become CEO of Bloomberg Media Group. It’s an interesting move, and one that indicates Bloomberg wants to become more of a consumer brand. After all, when you look at Smith’s history it’s pretty clear that he has a knack for creating strong publications with […]

Steve Gibson Explains How PRISM Works and Where the Name Comes From

Steve Gibson, the security guru and co-host of Security Now! with Leo Laporte, did an episode a few weeks ago in which he explains how PRISM works without direct access to companies’ servers. He’s determined that the process involves upstream intercepts at ISPs and major Internet companies like Google, using fiber optic splitters – hence […]

Chromecast Unboxing

My Chromecast arrived yesterday! I was lucky enough to order it via Amazon Prime before they sold out, so I didn’t end up with a weeks-long wait. For those unfamiliar, Chromecast is a new device for televisions to stream content directly from the cloud, controlled by your phone, tablet or computer. It’s about the size […]

What I’m Reading

The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements [The Atlantic] When Prisoners Protest [New York Times] Everything You Need to Know About PRISM [The Verge] Why I Hate Read Receipts [Ars Technica] Raising the Wrong Profile [New York Times] Existential Depression in Gifted Children [The Unbounded Spirit] What I learned about digital addiction by […]

What I’m Reading

The Family That Tweets Together Stays Together [NPR: Shots] Silicon Valley’s All Twttr [GigaOM] The terrorist as rock star [Dave Fargo] The Problem With Medium [Medium] Mission Creep: When Everything Is Terrorism [The Atlantic]

What I’m Reading

Bros Get Wasted; Girls Get Tipsy: Why Boozy Talk Matters I’ve known plenty of girls who use the same drinking language as guys, but apparently different language indicates different attitudes about alcohol. The Pixar Theory All Pixar movies exist on a timeline in the same universe. Mind-blowing. Why Citizen Developers Are The Future Of Programming […]

Ultimate First World Problems

Last night I had a first-time experience: dropping my phone and the screen cracking. I was a bit in shock, and a bit pissed off. All I could think was how much it was going to cost to rectify the problem. The crack doesn’t cover the whole screen, but it’s enough to be really annoying. […]

Review: Pebble Smartwatch

Wearable tech certainly seems to be the next hot space for hardware. Google Glass, the myriad activity trackers like Fitbit and Nike FuelBand, the list goes on. The Pebble Smartwatch is an interesting entrant into this space not only because of its features, but because it came to life through the largest Kickstarter campaign to […]